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Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular renovation projects undertaken by homeowners. We spend lots of time in our bathrooms which makes it one of the most important rooms in the home. Whether you are considering a bathroom remodel, enlarging an existing bathroom or adding an additional bathroom, there are many good reasons to undertake a bathroom renovation. Here are some top reasons that people remodel their bathrooms:

Limited Space- Many bathroom layouts are cramped and could utilize the existing space better. By reconfiguring things such as cabinetry, vanity and shower placements you can create a more open floor space without enlarging the room.
Family needs- As the size of your family changes so do your bathroom needs. A growing family may find it necessary to add an extra bathroom to make mornings smoother while empty nesters may find it easier to convert a tub into a walk in shower.
Outdated- Are you still living with that pink tub and toilet? Maybe it is time to update and create your dream bathroom while adding to your homes value.
Deterioration- Your bathroom may simply just be falling apart. You may have tile on your floor or in your shower that needs to be replaced or maybe your faucets have been leaking for a long time and have created water stains in your sink.

Frontline Remodeling is here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. There are many things to consider when remodeling a bathroom:
•   Do you want a complete new bathroom layout?
•   Is your current lighting sufficient or would you like more?
•   What type of flooring would you like? Maybe heated floors?
•   Do you have enough cabinet space for your towels and toiletries?
•   Do you want a tub or just a shower?
•   Do you have adequate ventilation?

Frontline Remodeling is here to help you in every phase of your bathroom remodel. Let our team get started on creating your dream bathroom. If you would like more information regarding a bathroom remodel please click here.

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